Automatic Picture Backup Device

Gifts to Keep your memories safeAutomatic Picture Backup Device Have you ever lost your precious pictures? If you have, you know that sinking feeling. Ahhh… If not, you never want to feel it. To prevent this from ever happening again, I found this easy automatic picture backup device.

This easy to use 4 GB backup device easily backs up all pictures from any computer. It is compatible with both PC and Mac. The way it works is that you insert the device just like any USB backup and it then backs up all pictures on the computer. You don’t have to copy and paste files or pictures, it automatically finds all the pictures on the computer and ignores duplicates. Depending on the size of the photos, it should be able to back up at least 2 000 photos.

Most hikers take lots of pictures during their travels and on their hikes. These are precious memories they want to treasure for years. Any hiker would love an easy device that will help them to store these precious memories safely.