Bluetooth Sports Headphones for Active People

Sports headphone giftsBluetooth Sports Headphones for Active People This convenient Bluetooth sports headphones for active people is the ideal gift for the music enthusiast always on the move.

It is sweat and exercise proof, comfortable and very stable. It comes in many colors and includes three sizes of ergonomically designed earmuffs to fit just about anybody. The wireless signal is strong with a working radius of up to ten meters.

The quality of the music is excellent and the built in HD microphone delivers high quality voice recordings. It is compatible with most Bluetooth phones. What makes these headphones really desirable is that the battery lasts up to 5 hours whilst playing music or talking.

Nowadays it is rare to see anybody traveling without some electronic device listening to music or audio books. This stylish Bluetooth sports headphone is stylish enough for everyday use whilst also practical and comfortable enough to use whilst outdoors or traveling.