Camo Desert Shemagh Scarf for Men

Camo Desert HeadgearCamo Desert Shemagh Scarf for MenThis camo desert shemagh scarf for men is made from 100% cotton and measures 42 by 42 inches.

These traditional scares are worn by military personnel across the world for protection against sun and sand. At the same time they are also popular for their warmth during winter or cold desert evenings.

They are comfortable and light and with their many uses, they are the prefect accessory for travelers.

Not only are they perfect for hiking during winter, but your hiking buddy would also be comfortable wearing this to a night concert or any place where he wants to keep his neck and head warm without a bulky hat or scarf.


How to tie a Shemagh Scarf

There are many ways to tie a shemagh scarf. One of the easiest methods is the military method. Watch the video below to see how that is done…