Cooler Torch Gifts for the Outdoors

Cool and Fun Gifts for the OutdoorsCooler Torch Gifts for the OutdoorsWith the holiday season in mind, I have been looking around for fun and unique gifts for my hiking and camping buddies. I found this dark green and black cooler torch gifts for the outdoors.

I know it will be a winner with all my guy friends and with the pink and purple versions, it may just be a hit with my girlfriends too.

What makes this koozi unique is the 4 colored led light settings that light up the bottle. The LED light is powered by 3 AAA batteries (included) in the base of the cooler. Without a bottle it can be used as a flashlight and it caters for normal and thinner bottles.

This makes for a fun gift and interesting conversation starter and best of all…

With this lighted koozi your outdoors buddy will always know where his drink is and won’t knock it over in the dark or accidentally pick up someone else’s drink. 🙂





When I started to research this gift, I realized just how popular a gift it is from all the reviews I found on YouTube. Check out my favorite of these review videos here…

This YouTube review was done by Kristofer Brozio from