Custom Silver Waterproof Necklace for Women

Memory NecklaceCustom Silver Waterproof Necklace for Women Here is an example of a lovely custom silver waterproof necklace for women.

The beautiful necklace is finished with a UV resistant and waterproof coating making it perfect for the outdoors. It comes with an image of a pathway with trees in the background. You can get it with this image or incorporate your own favorite image or inspirational words into the design to create a special keepsake.

Because it comes in sterling silver, silver plated and a gold finish with design options of square, round or locket style and varying sizes, you can really create that unique gift that you are looking for.

Hikers fondly remember the beautiful places where they have hiked. A picture necklace keepsake from one of their hikes is a gift that they will wear proudly and cherish for years to come.