I Love Hiking with You Bracelet

I Love Hiking with You BraceletThis I Love Hiking with You bracelet is the perfect gift for the girl who really loves to hike with you.

This lightweight, unique and stylish stamped bracelet can be bent to adjust to almost any wrist size.

Every bracelet is handmade in the USA from 100% hand polished 1100 pure aluminum. This is great because it means that it won’t fade or rust and won’t leave green marks on your skin.

The bracelet is comfortable and it’s silvery aluminium color makes for a classy and stylish item of jewelry. This is the perfect gift for all occasions like Christmas, a birthday, Valentine’s Day or any other celebration.

Any girl who loves hiking and interesting jewelry, will be very appreciative of this thoughtful gift.

This, I love hiking with you bracelet is however a limited edition, so if you like it, check now whether it is still available…