Inexpensive Hiking Gift Guide for Men

Inexpensive Hiking Gift Guide for MenMen are usually the hardest to shop for. But, if your man or buddy is a hiker you are in luck, as there are so many inexpensive hiking gifts that he will absolutely love.

Here is our inexpensive hiking gift guide for men where we share the gifts men will either have on their wishlist or wonder why they didn’t. These gifts are suitable for Christmas presents, father’s day presents, birthdays and anniversaries or as a surprise gift for no reason at all.

The main criteria for selecting these gifts is price. At the time of writing they all cost $20 or less. The gifts range from quirky to practical. They all consider the concept that less is more. Where they are intended for a hike they are generally light weight and durable.

Hikers always need more gear or that one item that they really want, but just didn’t get around to buying. So, they will always appreciate a gift that support their passion for hiking.

No matter what the occasion, this hiking gift guide have you covered… Check it out now and remember that if you like a gift, but are not ready to buy it yet, just add it to your Amazon wishlist and you will know where to find it later.

Inexpensive Hiking Gift Guide for Men

Lets start at the beginning…

Guides and travel books

When you are looking for inexpensive hiking gift ideas for men, a gear guide is always a good starting point. Somehow none of us can ever have enough guides. Whether your friend is looking for ways to pack lighter or is interested in learning about hammock camping or finding the ideal campsite one of these guides will be just what he may have been looking for:

The Ultimate Hang, the Illustrated Guide to Hammock Camping

Inexpensive Hammock Gift Guide for Hikers
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This guide is beautifully illustrated and will give your hiking buddy all the information he wants to know about hammock camping.
Hammock camping is a growing trend and most hikers I know, are at least investigating the option of a comfortable night’s sleep in a hammock.
So, unless your friend is dead set against the idea of sleeping in a hammock, this will be a gift that he will most definitely appreciate.

National Geographic Guide to National Parks of the United States

This guide features the 58 scenic National Parks, providing information on their location, maps to get there, the natural wonders found within them and the activities available.
It is a great overall guide for anybody planning a road, camping or hiking trip.
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Ultralight Backpacking Tips Guide

Ultralight Backpacking Tips
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Do you know anybody planning a long distance hike? Then get them this book they WILL thank you later.
This guide is smart and funny and packed with tips to help any hiker turn a overstuffed backpack into a lean well equipped pack.

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryon

This New York best selling novel has been made into a motion picture in 2015.
It is a page turner that is hilarious and thoughtful at the same time.
A must read for anybody considering a thru hike.
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Gear and Accessories

Buying gear for hikers does not exactly fall into the cheap or inexpensive gift category. So, you won’t find backpacks, sleeping bags, tents and hiking boots in this section. But many hiking accessories are very affordable and makes for practical and much wanted gifts. Here are some of my favorites:

15 Ounce Titanium Cup

Gift for hiker under $20
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This 15 ounce titanium cup weighs only 2.7 ounces.
It stores away easily with its foldaway handles.
This light weight cup is a perfect gift for a camper or hiker who loves their early morning coffee.

Water Resistant Headlamp Flashlight

Affordable Hiking Gift for Men
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Many light settings including high beam, low beam, red light for reading and strobe light for visibility.
Long battery life and easy-to-use single button control.
It is a great hands free lamp for runners, hikers, campers and DIY’rs.

Paracord Survival Bracelet

Paracord Survival Bracelet
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This stylish, black, one size fits all paracord survival bracelet has white reflective dots, making it visible at a distance.
In addition to the heavy duty paracord, this functional and durable bracelet include a compass, emergency whistle, fire starter flint and stainless steel scrapper.
It is a great gift for any hiker or camper as being equipped to deal with emergencies is always important to anybody spending lots of time outdoors.

Ultra Compact and Fast Drying Towel

Ultra Compact and Fast Drying Towel
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These soft microfiber towels are light weight and pack small.
There is a color and size for everybody.
This towel set is well priced and is very popular with hikers and backpackers.

Electronic Gifts for the Outdoors

We all carry a cell phone and music with us at all times. So any gift that gives us better music and support our electronic equipment, will be a welcome gift for any hiker or outdoors lover. No inexpensive hiking gift guide for men would be complete without a few of these highly desirable gifts. Here are a few of my favorites…

Wireless Sports Headphone

Inexpensive Hiking Gift Guide for Men - Electronics

This all black wireless sports headphone is super light weight and comfortable to wear.
The advanced technology allows for easy pairing with most smartphones and Bluetooth enabled devices.
The sound is excellent and the battery will last for up to 8 hours.

Compact Solar Charger

Inexpensive gifts for hikers
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This compact solar charger will recharge your iPad once and your smart phone up to 4 times.
It can be recharged in the sun in about 4 hours and is splash and shock proof.
It is a great device for peace of mind when out hiking or backpacking.

Fun Gifts for Hikers

Most of the gifts in this inexpensive hiking gift guide for men are practical gifts to plan or use whilst out hiking or camping. In this section I want to share some gifts that are really more fun. Enjoy…

Got Your Back T-Shirts

Inexpensive Hiking Gift Guide - Funny Shirt
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You gotta love these Got Your Back T-Shirts. They are just awesome.
You’ll find the perfect color and size for anybody on your shopping list.
I just love these and so would your hiking buddy… 🙂

Fun Torch Koozies

Fun Torch Koozies
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These fun torch koozies will keep your drink cold and light it up a the same time.
They are fun! Check them out…

I will be adding more gift ideas to this inexpensive hiking gift guide for men. So bookmark this page and check back anytime…