New Beginning with Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss Book for school leaversNew Beginning with Dr Seuss Is your child, niece, nephew or cousin about to embark on a new phase in their life? Then why not celebrate this new beginning with Dr Seuss and his famous graduation speech from his book “Oh, Places You’ll Go!”

Technically this is a children’s book, but in reality we all know that this all-time favorite book is as much enjoyed by young adults as it is by children. In this delightful and wise graduation speech, Dr Seuss addresses the ups and downs of life in his usual humorous way, whilst encouraging every person to find the success that lies within.

Any young person leaving school or college or embarking on a new travel adventure will love this inspiring graduation speech by Dr Seuss. Oh yes and be warned that when reading it yourself, you are likely to shed a few tears yourself.