Nostalgic Claude Monet Mugs for Travelers

Nostalgic Claude Monet Mug GiftsNostalgic Claude Monet Mugs for TravelersLooking for a gift for a friend who loves art and being reminded of their travels? Then why not get them one of these nostalgic Claude Monet mugs for travelers.

These high quality, 14 ounce mugs are made from the finest bone-china ceramic and feature the artwork of Claude Monet. This mug shows the famous “The Beach at Saint-Adresse” scene. The picture of this famous painting wrap all around the mug.

This is my favorite picture, but there are many more of his famous paintings depicted on these mugs. Other include – “The Grand Canal” and “At the Port of Argenteuil”. Why not check them all out to see which one your friend will love?

I think these are lovely gifts for travelers as all traveler loves to be reminded of the places they visited. This lovely mug will remind them of the good times that they spent on the beaches of the world every time they have a cup of coffee.