Perfect Lightweight Headlamp for Indoors and Outdoors

Perfect Lightweight HeadlampPerfect Lightweight HeadlampA headlamp is an invaluable item for a hiker and camper, but it is also very useful for DIY projects and finicky jobs where focused light is needed.

That is why I think this headlamp is the perfect lightweight headlamp for indoors and outdoors.

It is compact and lightweight at only 4.5 ounces and uses only 1 AA battery. The durable headband and the curved forehead panel are made from shockproof materials and are designed for a comfortable fit.

The 6 light settings, two red and four white are controlled by a single button. It is waterproof and the battery will last about 8 hours.

When you wear a headlamp for hours at a time, it is important that it is comfortable and light. This headlamp is the perfect gift for any hiker or camper as they will be able to wear it for hours and hardly know that it is there.