Pocket Blanket for Outdoorsy Friends

Compact Picnic BlanketPocket Blanket for Outdoorsy FiendsLooking for a practical and compact gift for one of your friends who spend a lot of time outdoors? Then, have a look at this pocket blanket for outdoorsy friends.

When folded, this ultra-compact blanket easily fits into your hand. When rolled out it is 44″ by 63″. This is really big enough for two people to lie comfortably.

It is made from high quality nylon and is water and puncture resistant. It has weighted corners, so that it won’t blow away in a breeze. The little storage pouch is attached to the blanket, so that people like me wouldn’t lose it. 🙂

This small practical gift is ideal for anybody who likes to have an impromptu picnic in the park, the woods or the beach.