Portable Bluetooth Water Resistant Outdoor Speakers

Cool Outdoor SpeakersPortable Bluetooth Water Resistant Outdoor SpeakersLooking for a gift for a stylish music enthusiast who also likes to be outdoors. Then have a look at these portable Bluetooth water resistant outdoor speakers.

These stylish, ultra-lightweight speakers have high quality distortion free and loud sound with a battery that last for up to 7 hours.

They are compact and weigh only 9 ounces. They are 5 inches long and easily fit into a backpack. You will find them in vibrant blue, red, green and black.

Not only can these speakers be used in the shower, but they are stylish and are cool enough to take to any pool party or outdoors function. And of course for the backpacker who wants to take his music along, it is small and light enough to carry along.