Professional Quadcopter Drone

The Most Wanted Christmas Gift 2015This professional quadcopter drone is not a traditional hiking or a camping gift. But it is the most in demand gift for Christmas 2015 and one many outdoors enthusiasts would love. Given the advanced video technology included in this drone, it is likely to remain the drone of choice for a long time to come.

What is all the fuss about?

Firstly it is very easy to fly. It can fly indoors and outdoors. It has a 1.2 mile range at a speed of 16 meters per second. It can fly for 23 minutes with one battery. To fully recharge the battery takes about 30 minutes.

It inbuilt height restriction make complying with regulations easy in that it is limited to flying at a maximum altitude of 400 feet. It also has a feature that prevents it from flying in non-flying zones like military airbases or the White House.

For peace of mind it has a return to home function, to ensure that you will never lose this valuable piece of equipment.

The on-board filming technology of the professional quadcopter drone

Professional Quadcopter Drone
It comes with an industry leading 4K UHD video camera that shoots 30 frames per second and is comparable with the GoPro Hero 4 Black edition. Advanced optics, allow for publishing of photos straight from the drone.

It is very much known for its smooth and easy operation even indoors without a GPS signal. This has been achieved through the three sensors that reads the ground when floating. It switches over to the sensors automatically when a GPS signal is not available. Thanks to these sensors, it can also hover in one place. For excellent video quality, it has inbuilt stabilization to deliver a smooth video.

It comes with a robust remote control for controlling video, taking photos and down linking to an extra recorder. It can stream a real time view of the drone’s camera in 720p HD through a connected IOS or android device.

This professional quadcopter drone is the perfect gift for an outdoors filming enthusiast who likes to capture action shots at events or take panoramic photos of their beautiful surroundings.


To watch this awesome equipment in action and to hear the review by Norm from Tested, watch the video now…