Refillable Space Saving Travel Tubes

Travel tubes for easy travelingRefillable Space Saving Travel TubesHere are refillable space saving travel tubes that are popular with frequent flyers everywhere.

These plastic containers meet FAA and airline requirements and can therefore be used as carry-on luggage.

The 1.25 and 2 oz bottles are available in sets of 4 colorful but transparent bottles and also individually. They are soft and made from food safe 100% BPA free silicone. Thanks to 3 leak proof walls, the bottles are leak proof and easy to refill.

If you are looking for a practical gift for a traveler setting out on a long trip, who has little space, these bottles are the ideal gift. At the same time, if you are looking for a gift for a regular traveler who needs to be able to take shampoo, cosmetics and so on in their carry-on bag, then again these refillable space saving travel tubes are the perfect gift.