The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide

Ultimate Hiker's Gear GuideThe Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide Looking for a gift for a new hiker or a new long distance hiker, then look no further than The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide by Andrew Skurka.

Andrew Skurka is a sponsored long-distance backpacker, paid speaker, and writer who has probably forgotten about hiking what most of us must still learn. He has hiked more than 30 000 miles. One of his recent long distance hikes is the 4 600 mile 6 month loop around Canada and Alaska. Wow…

In this guide he shares exactly what a hiker needs to carry at all times of the year. He covers it all from clothing and footwear, accessories to shelter and sleeping systems. This is not only a gear guide. He shares much more, like how to prevent blisters and foot care.

This Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide is the perfect starter gift for any hiker to be, new hiker or new long-distance hiker, written by an expert long distance hiker with more than 30 000 miles under his belt.