Top 5 Packing Guide Gifts for Hikers

Top 5 Packing Guide Gifts for HikersIf you or your hiking buddy are anything like me, you are always looking to cut down the weight in your backpack. I am always looking for lighter stuff to pack and to find gear and equipment that has multiple uses so that I can pack fewer items.

Here I summarize my top 5 packing guide gifts for hikers.

These are my favorite guides, because they are all written by hikers. They are written by people who have hiked long trails and understand exactly what a hiker needs day to day.

These are all available in hard copy, although three of them are also available on Kindle. I love my kindle, but sometimes I really want to see the pictures and Kindle books can’t always get that across.

Before adding a guide to my top 5 list, I considered price, reviews from other hikers, readability and the experience of the writer.

These guides make for great gifts for hikers and campers, because we all need to figure out the best way to travel as comfortable and as light as possible and these books are designed to do exactly that.


Ultralight Backpacking Tips Guide
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This is a short, lighthearted book with 100 illustrations and provides everything a hiker needs to be safe, comfortable and well fed, whilst carrying an ultralight pack.
Mike Clelland is both the writer and illustrator of this delightful book. He lives in a shed in Idaho where he works as an illustrator and mountain instructor.
This guide is well priced and well liked with a 4 or 5 star rating by 92% of reviewers.


Backpacker's Manual for Hikers
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This is a comprehensive guide that focus on three areas namely – Backcountry skills, tricks of the trail and Going Ultralight.
Rick Curtis has been backpacking around the world for 25 years and is the director of the Outdoor Action Program at Princeton university.
This guide is well priced. This a second edition with the first published in 1998. It is a very popular and in demand guide.


The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide Gift for Hikers
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This guide tells you exactly what to pack for any type of hike at any time of the year.
Andre Skurka is a sponsored long distance hiker with more than 30 000 miles under his belt.
The guide is a little more expensive, but well liked with 90% of reviewers giving it a 4 or 5 star rating.


Ultralight Backpacking Guide
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This is a short, insightful and fun book with 150 illustrations to make this the easiest read available.
Don Ladigin has been a hiker for 25 years and teaches Ultra Backpacking at the University of Oregon.
This guide is well priced and well liked with 87% of reviewers giving it a 4 or 5 star rating.


Idiot's Guide Gift for Hikers
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What would any list of guides be without mention of an Idiot’s guide?
This is a comprehensive guide covering much more than gear and packing essentials with chapters like Outdoor Clothing 101, Shelter from the Storm and The Outdoor Kitchen which include recipes.
The author Jason Stevenson is a regular hiker, but not an expert hiker.
This guide is a bit more pricey, but is a very detailed guide is very popular with reviewers.