What is a Qliplet?

What is a QlipterWhat is a QlipletA Qliplet is a multi-purpose tool that combines the functionality of a carabiner with a 360 degree rotating folding hook.

This versatile tool is the brainchild of Mina Yoo. She designed it because she was looking for a way to hang her backpack on a tree rather than letting it getting all muddy in rainy Seattle.

The qliplet consist of a carabiner which is attached to a rotating, folding hook with a rubber tip. It has been called the Swiss Army Knife of carabiners. 🙂

It is solid and made from aircraft grade aluminium and can hold up to 50 pounds. Keep in mind that it is designed for gear and equipment, not for climbing.

It can hang everywhere. Use it to hang a backpack against a tree, a toiletry bag in the shower whilst traveling or at home for securely hanging almost anything from a shelf.

Thanks to its versatility the qliplet is really a great gift for anybody!





For more ideas on how to use the carabiner, check out this video now…